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Hello, Future! Machine Learning Is Transforming Human Resources

Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) are improving productivity and efficiency within industries. HR departments aren’t removed from these benefits.

Automation is becoming a corporate trend all around us. Now, recruiters and HR departments are utilizing the powerful tool that is machine learning. By solving issues that have plagued companies for years, it’s changing Human Resource tasking.

In this article, we will detail how these innovative solutions are transforming Human Resource trends.

Human Resource Trends: Recruitment Automation

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are changing HR departments through recruitment automation. This makes HR departments more productive, effective, and functional.

Higher Performing Teams

Creating successful, productive teams is the foundation of a flourishing company. Normally, HR will interview job candidates and place them based on multiple factors.

But, not every personality meshes with a team. It’s one of the difficult parts of working with humans. Sometimes, you hire someone and they just don’t fit. It’s an issue all HR departments face.

Now, there are human resource applications that allow HR employees to analyze candidates automatically. It creates teams by matching personalities through auto-analysis. This allows HR departments to create teams that are effective and high-performing. Best of all, it saves time associated with trying to organize teams by a manager’s judgment of personality.

This technology isn’t just limited to the organization. Machine learning can match teams by region, city, or store. Contact us today to learn how we HELP YOU better match your next ROCKSTAR employee!

Lower Employee Turnover Rates

Not every new hire is a fit and we don’t always know why. Hiring the wrong employee can lead to high employee turnovers. And these events aren’t just a simple “firing” situation. The price of a bad candidate hire averages around $17,000 dollars for a company.

It’s not only more efficient to reduce turnover rates, but it’s also cost-effective, too.

But, how can you fix this problem? According to executives, artificial intelligence can help.

Here are some of the ways machine learning applied to Human Resources can lower turnover rates:

Attrition Detection

One novel way AI is empowering HR departments is through advanced attrition detection.

Multiple factors impact this detection. Certain patterns in employee behavior will signal the machine learning. This will show HR departments how to predict employee turnover and even avoid it altogether. It also signals corrective action if it’s needed.

There are also machine learning technologies that screen candidates. These can predict whether or not a prospective employee is at risk of leaving once hired. This can give HR more data to consider when hiring candidates.

Streamlined Hiring

Each company has its own corporate DNA. It’s the blood that runs through the veins of an organization. By acquiring talent that matches the genetics of a company, machine learning can impact how HR departments hire employees.

Talent acquisition is one of the most redundant tasks that HR departments face. Sifting through resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and other prospective employee descriptions take up precious time in the workplace. By using artificial intelligence, HR departments can automate all of these tasks.

Additionally, human resource machine solutions can quantify your corporate culture. In other words, it bases your hiring decisions on hard science, not an assumption. By using machine learning recommendations, you reduce your hiring margin of error. As a result, you can decrease your employee turnover rates, saving money and time.

Other machine learning technologies can help departments identify low and high performing employees. This lets you make tailored hiring decisions on what you already know about your current team.

Easy Onboarding

Systems that have automatic intelligence are used for onboarding. By using AI chatbots, new hires can ask questions that are programmed to answer questions. Of course, this can’t fully replace peer bonding. But, it streamlines the process and allows other employees to focus on other important tasks.

Training and Development

Online modules that use AI are beneficial to HR departments. It allows new skills and training to be taught without needing a physical teacher. This boosts performance in the office without impacting productivity.

Automating Tasks

Automation isn’t limited to recruitment. AI can also replace other jobs if needed. This can save the department money and error.

Here are some tasks that can be automated using AI:


If your HR department isn’t using AI for payroll yet, you’re missing out on a time-saving opportunity.

The benefits of payroll automation include:

  • Highly accurate number crunching;
  • Easy access to digital payroll records for tax;
  • Fewer errors = less time correcting = time and cost efficiency.

Employee Evaluations

An automated evaluation process is a must in a modern HR department. 

Automated employee evaluations:

  • Allow managers to keep track of employee performance;
  • Helps employees better understand their job roles;
  • Fosters an environment for better performance without the hassle.

Employee Benefits

Surprisingly, employee benefits can be automated, too.

Here are some ways you can automate benefits:

  • Implementing an automatic system for benefit applications and eligibility;
  • Automating emails for enrollment reminders;
  • Using an online portal for easy insurance management.

Tax Documents

Digital management of department tax documents simplifies the tax filing process.

The benefits of automated tax organization are:

  • Organized, easily accessed tax documents;
  • Cuts time during tax season;
  • Reduces error associated with taxes.

Machine Learning Applied to Human Resources: A Win for All

Modern-day automation is definitively shaping human resource trends. Tedious tasks can be turned over to automation. Recruitment is more effective. Employee turnover rates are reduced, saving time and money. Onboarding and training are simplified. Who wouldn’t want that for their HR department?

It’s clear that using machine learning platforms is key for HR department success.

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