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How to Create an Effective Recruitment Process | HR Data Solutions

While organizations continuously strategize for evolution and improvement, they often overlook the single most wasteful and ineffective process in their business: the traditional hiring recruitment process.

The old recruitment process

They develop a human resources strategy that looks something like this:

  1. Transition to an electronic application process on the website
  2. Adopt an applicant tracking system or ATS
  3. Adopt a human resources information system or HRIS

But this is where most organizations stop. The truth is, you aren’t competitive if you stop here. Every organization is doing these things. You have to do more to get ahead of your competitors and go after the best recruitment processes.

Perhaps more alarming, the truth is, there is still a great deal of waste in your process if you stop here. And this waste is expensive baggage; it leads to reduced productivity, higher turnover, a decline in engagement, and hits directly to your bottom line.

That’s because even with an ATS, the process of weeding through candidates and selecting one who you think will fit the organizational culture is still error-prone, subject to bias and discrimination, and time-consuming (and time-consuming = costly). You need HR data analytics.

Modern Recruitment Processes

At HR Data Solutions, we’ve developed unprecedented solutions that leverage machine learning in HR management to produce better results with less time invested and all but complete elimination of bias.

Our technology first gathers information about your workforce – their experience, education, personality test results, and performance reviews – to better understand the attributes of the highest and lowest performers in various positions throughout the organization.

Through this process, we’re able to develop a map that summarizes the attributes and qualifications that are most likely to predict success in both in your company culture as well as in the specific position that’s open. We might find, for example, that candidates who have never worked in sales before are actually producing better results than candidates who come to you with sales experience in a different industry.

We’re able, then, to use the data we uncover by studying your current workforce to develop algorithms that identify the candidates within your requisitions that are most likely to excel in the position and stay with the organization long-term.

Check how to use machine learning in the hiring process.

Common Problems in Recruitment and Hiring Processes

When you choose to take your HR recruitment planning a step further than your competitors by implementing AI in the recruitment process, you solve the problems that plague the hiring recruitment process:

  • You increase the probability that you’ll select the right candidate for the job, increasing retention
  • You decrease organizational turnover and the high costs associated with it
  • You improve organizational culture by hiring top performers who are aligned with the culture and by complementing existing teams with the right talent

Most importantly, HR Data Solutions provides a robust ATS audit (looking at each failed pre-employment assessment test and other factors) to identify any adverse or disparate impact that may result and then develops solutions to mitigate that risk and ensure fairness in screening and selection.

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To learn more about interview best practices or take your talent acquisition to the next level, visit HR Data Solutions today. We’re the TA experts!

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