HR Data Solutions

Hire Better With Next-Gen Recruitment Technology (Powered by Machine Learning and AI)

The nuts and bolts. HR Analytics. Or, more accurately, machine learning tools, AI, and expertise. Simply put: we quantify cultural fit for your company’s unique needs. Because the best candidate for one company isn’t necessarily the best candidate for YOUR company.

How Our Hiring Solution Works

We use employee reviews, resumes, and personality tests to understand your staff. This information is then run through our software platform producing a report that will help you better understanding of your corporate culture and employee framework.

Our machine learning platform correlates this data to find the current high and low performers within your organization to help you learn what to focus on in your employee search.

Once we have mapped your company’s culture, you will see how various teams and roles are culturely different.  In this report you will the quantifiable characteristics that you should look for when looking at new applicants, so everyone can be successful.

The Old Way To Hire:

(27) Resume Review
(19) Phone Screen
(12) Interview
(6) Second Interview
(3) Offer

Candidates Apply (50)

Candidates Apply (50)

The New Way To Hire From instinct to insight

(50) Candidates apply for a job by taking a skill test.
(10) Phone Screen
(12) Interview
(3) Offer

HR Data Solutions will give you the results to predict which candidates have the greatest likelihood of success allowing you to distinguish between candidates of low cultural match and high cultural match.

Don’t just survive, decrease turnover, improve service, and watch your business thrive. 

Voila! It’s not magic, seriously, but being able to predict which potential employee will be the best fit for your company before you hire them, sure might feel like it.