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Importance of Employee Performance Reviews

Implementing Performance Drive Work Reviews | HR Data Solutions

The New Year is all about being visionary, but all too often, the visions we have for ourselves at the New Year are small. Too small.

Drink more water. Exercise every day. In business, we might set our sights on reduced turnover or increased profits.

But if you weren’t confined by the systems you currently have in place and a “don’t-get-too-crazy” company culture, what would you envision for your company over the next year?

Why Performance Reviews are Essential

What are performance driven reviews and why are they important?

Picture this:

A window that gives you the full, transparent view of the people processes in each of your locations using the best employee performance driven review systems.

A dashboard where you see the health of your organization at the click of a finger.

The ability to navigate both upstream and downstream to better understand your managers and employees – where they’re struggling and where they’re excelling.

The option to drill down to a single location, a single department, and see how the manager is performing, how his employees feel about his leadership.

The option to drill down further to take a look at a single employee; at how their performance has evolved month by month over the last year.

A treasure chest of information surrounding the success of your new hires. What trends are occurring? How long are you retaining them? In what areas do you see a need for additional training or support? Are those deficits unique to one location or department or shared across all?

While this level of intimate insight into your organization might seem too good to be true, it’s not. HR Data Solutions has revolutionized the online performance driven work review to make it meaningful in your organization. The result? More insightful data than you’ve ever had before.

How to Implement Performance Driven Work Employee Reviews

Making the leap from what you’ve always done (traditional employee reviews that statistics say aren’t effective) to what you could do if you just expanded your horizons (an annual employee evaluation process that supports data-driven decisions) never comes without resistance.

We’re here to help. Whether you’re exploring our online performance review systems or our other solutions, we have the information you need to support your decision with senior leaders. You can download our eBook, schedule a free demo (and invite your c-suite if that’s where you’re struggling to build buy-in), or get a free assessment to find out how much it’s costing you not to have this technology in place today. We can also provide you with annual performance review examples to help you demonstrate how our solutions will change your workforce.

The only way to transform your organization from what it’s always been to what it can be is to get outside of your comfort zone; toss aside the things that were innovative five years ago and look for solutions that will give you an edge today. And that’s exactly what HR Data Solutions can help you do with revolutionary, completely transparent solutions that learn as much as they can about your current culture, to help you make informed decisions about your future culture.

To learn more about transitioning your annual performance review process, visit HR Data Solutions online today. We’re here to help.


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