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Leveraging AI for Recruitment and Selection

It might sound like something straight out of the Jetsons, but robots are about to make the recruitment and selection process a lot easier.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making major waves in this arena. At the same time, it’s making the HR manager’s job simpler and more effective than ever before.

As WiFi replaced dial-up internet and MP3s took the place of cassettes, we’re entering a new era of technology that could shake things up in a good way.

Across every major checkpoint, there are AI-powered solutions that can help reduce bias, improve the candidate experience, and emphasize the human element of HR.

How does your current hiring strategy look? To stay on-trend and keep pace with your competitors, it’s time to embrace AI applications. Today, we’re sharing a few ways AI is changing this field and what to expect moving forward.

1. AI-Powered Chatbots

Do you know those chat boxes that pop up on most e-commerce websites? They usually say “Hi there! Need help with anything?” or something along those lines.

Forward-thinking HR managers are leveraging this same AI technology to engage with prospects from the very beginning of the hiring journey onward.


By asking a few pointed questions, these chatbots can help pre-screen candidates before they make it to the next step of the application process. Using Natural Language Processing (NLP), they can engage as soon as someone clicks on “Apply Now” on your website, for instance.

Some of the questions asked may include:

  • Where are you from?
  • What’s your educational background?
  • What job are you interested in?

These help to vet each prospect’s skills, qualifications, and experience. In addition, a recruitment chatbot can also collect information from each candidate. This includes resumes and contact details.

While this influx of data can be overwhelming for an already-overworked HR manager, AI applications leverage people analytics to quickly analyze the set.

From there, the bot can create shortlists and profiles of top recruits. This shortens screening time and improves application completion rates.

The Benefit of Timely Follow-Up

Industry research shows that slow feedback is the top complaint of today’s job seeker.

This is where chatbots shine.

They can handle the scheduling component of the human resource recruitment process. They can also provide regular updates about the status of each application. They’ll provide necessary feedback and answer any questions that arise.

2. Putting the “Human” Back in HR

It sounds counterintuitive, but AI can make the recruitment and selection process more personal.

As chatbots handle the technical details and field inquiries, HR managers are free to discuss the company culture, values, and goals with applicants.

In addition, when they’re no longer spending hours on screening, they can do more high-value work, such as recruitment marketing and candidate engagement.

3. No More Shady Video Interviews

There’s no denying that video interviews are convenient. They save on travel costs and only take a few clicks to initiate. They also give hiring managers a feel for a candidate’s energy and communication skills.

Unfortunately, they don’t always paint an accurate picture.

Akin to lying on a resume, video interviewees can deploy a host of tactics to help them put their best face forward. They might use cue cards to avoid jumbling their words or have a friend in the background offering answers and advice.

In a normal video interview, these details may go unnoticed. Yet, AI technology can pick up on even the slightest visual cues.

Using machine learning, they analyze each video to see if there’s anything strange going on. From shifts in eye movement to a second voice on the tape, no details go unnoticed.

4. Objective Data over Bias

There are two main places where bias can creep into the recruitment process, try as we might to avoid it.

The first is in the job description.

Some companies are using AI tools to analyze meaningful language patterns in their posts, applying predictive analytics to see which ones succeed and which don’t.

For example, you can discern which keywords and phrases appeal to male job seekers over female ones. You’ll learn which ones target specific age groups, demographics, cultures and more.

This can help business leaders eliminate bias in their wording and can lead to a more diverse workforce.

Bias in the Recruitment Stage

At the same time, the recruitment process can also be ripe with bias. This is where it’s crucial to use actual numbers and concrete data over going a gut feeling.

In other words, insight over instinct. This is where we come in. We help you take these insights into your current culture, who are your ROCKSTAR employees? We then help you match this “ROCKSTAR” to your list of applicants and filter out the noise.  Allowing the few ROCKSTAR look-a-likes to rise to the top of your pile.

AI can help hirers ascertain which candidates are good fits for each role, based on metrics that apply to both the job and the company culture.

These algorithms then score each candidate based on their traits and how well they suit the position. This makes the hiring process more straightforward.

Considering that 48% of millennials and 61% of Gen-Xers plan to leave their job in two years, employee turnover should be a top HR concern. Applications like these can help ensure that the right person gets the right job.

Want to see exactly how much your current turnover rate is costing your company? Fill out this calculator to find out.

Recruitment and Selection Takes a Major Step Forward

For several years, it’s been hinted that AI and HR could make a powerful pair. Now, that prediction is coming true.

When you’re ready to optimize your recruitment and selection process, our HR Data Solutions Platform makes the job a cinch. We offer the objective data you need to make an informed hiring decision.

Leveraging machine learning and AI technology, we’ll match the ideal candidates to your openings, saving you time, money and countless headaches.

Want to see for yourself how our solution can help lower your employee turnover? Schedule a demo today.

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