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Ask yourself two questions:

  1. Can your managers carve out 30 seconds per employee per month?
  2. Will you invest $2 in every employee?

For less than a cup of coffee per month per employee you can get 100% participation in performance reviews.

Drive real business value, not just check a box.

Why HR Data Solutions

Mobile First

Run objective evaluations reduce bias with built-in templates to ensure consistency

Standardize Your Process

Align across your company assess performance holistically and get everyone on the same page

World-class Live Help For All

Up and running in 24 hours with pre-built templates, automated reminders, and dashboards

Boost performance Review Participation

Develop your people

Collect feedback regularly, in seconds from the right people at the right time.

Only 8% of companies believe their performance management process is highly effective in driving business value

Our Magic

Easy to understand who is:

– Exceeding Expectations
– Meeting Expectations
– Not Meeting Expectations

Standardized, Templated, and Repeatable.

Launch your Performance Review in 24 hours or less.

Kick the paper, support your team, and measure results. All mobile, all digital.

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